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Thermal Analyzers for Thermal Analysis

DSC-Differential Scanning Calorimeter

DSC measures the energy absorbed or released from a sample as a function of time or a temperature profile. DSC is useful to make the measurements for melting points, heats of reaction, glass transition, and heat capacity.

STA-Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

STA is the combination of DSC or DTA and TGA in a single experiment.

TGA-Thermogravimetric Analyzer

TGA is the measurement of weight change of a sample as a function of a temperature profile. This method is useful for determining sample.

TMA-Thermomechanical Analyzer

TMA measures dimensional changes as a function of time or temperature. Various probes are utilized to measure expansion, contraction, penetration or softening of the sample.

PDSC-Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimeter

PDSC measures the effects of pressure. Controls pressure to study and understand the reason for differences. Equipped with heat flux plate designed to measure small energy changes.

DTA-Differential Thermal Analyzer 

DTA measures the temperature difference between a sample and an inert reference as a function of time or temperature. This method is similar to DSC but does not quantify energy measurements, it is also used for high temperature work. Glass transitions, phase changes, and melting points can be measured.

Thermal Analyzer Upgrades for old Thermal Analyzers

The TPI-TA Controller System replaces outdated controller systems with a Temperature Programmer Interface (TPI), a Windows based personal computer and Windows.

TPI-SR Temperature Programmer Interface for SR, Omnitherm, PL, Rhemoetrics. The TPI•SR Controller System replaces outdated temperature controller, BCU and DC Amp with a Temperature Programmer Interface (TPI-SR).

The TPI-PE Programmer System replaces your Perkin Elmer temperature programmer and data system with a Windows based computer system, Windows software and a Temperature Programmer Interface (TPI PE). All experimental conditions are setup through the software.

The DCI System allows for acquisition and coordination of thermal experiments from many popular thermal analyzers. The system replaces the existing computer and interface with a Data Collection Interface (DCI) and the Windows software.

Thermal Analyzer Parts and Supplies



Sample pans and lids


Quartz work


Entire cell assemblies



Rebuilt furnaces

Auto gas selector units

Module switching boxes

Electronic assemblies

Balance arms

Auto gas selector units