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Instruments do not last forever, and will eventually need repair. Instrument Specialists, with years of experience proudly provide service and support to their customers when these issues arise.

As a result, regular service and maintenance of your thermal analyzer are vital to ensure accurate and consistent results. We are committed to the service and support of new and existing thermal analysis instrumentation and software on the market.

We have the experience to help you keep your Thermal Analyzer running properly and provide a range of support including: phone service, in-house repair, field service and preventative maintenance plans on all of the Thermal Analysis Instruments listed below.

Supported Manufactures:

  • Instrument Specialists Inc.
  • TA Instruments
  • DuPont Instruments
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Rheometrics
  • PL Thermal Sciences
  • Omnitherm

Supported Instruments: Thermal Analyzers

  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC
  • Thermogravimetric Thermal Analyzer TGA
  • Thermomechanical Thermal Analyzer
  • Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer  STA
  • Differential Thermal Analyzer DTA

Preventative Maintenance Service Plans for Thermal Analysis Equipment

Our maintenance plan provides for two preventative maintenance visits per year at which time we will clean and inspect all mechanical assemblies, electrical contacts and sample area. Any calibrations and/or adjustments to the thermal analysis equipment will also be made. In addition, the performance of the instrument will be verified by running calibration standards.

There is a 15% discount on all non-expendable parts that are required for repair and unlimited phone support for trouble shooting minor instrument or operation problems.

Thermal Analysis Software Support Plans

Instrument Specialists  is committed to providing professional support to all of our customers. All software updates are included in the standard support policy for all software modules originally purchased.

Features from the Thermal Analysis Support Program

All Software updates are included for the policy period

Our telephone support is provided by knowledgeable technicians

Online support via FAX and E-Mail also provided



Most of all, Instrument Specialists, Inc. will work diligently to ensure customer satisfaction by providing you with UNLIMITED phone service

For your convenience, Instrument Specialists, Inc. will send out renewal notices annually to ensure that there is no lapse in coverage