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TPI-TA (Temperature Programmer Interface for TA Instruments DuPont)

New thermal analysis systems that enter the market continue to use existing measurement technology. The advantages of new systems are in the computers and software that control, collect, store and analyze the data. Existing thermal analysis modules are highly sensitive measuring devices but the systems they were purchased with lack state of the art computers, software and controllers.

The TPI-TA Controller System replaces outdated controller systems with a Temperature Programmer Interface (TPI), a Windows based personal computer and Windows Infinity Pro Thermal Analysis software.

The Windows software allows all experimental conditions to be setup through the windowcomputer. The TPI accurately controls the modules temperature profile while collecting and storing the data on the computer’s hard disk.

The Windows software has full analysis capability to perform all DSC, DTA, TGA, TMA and STA analysis.

The TPI-TA Controller System is convenient, cost effective and easy to use. Upgrading your current modules will provide you with substantial savings by not requiring complete system replacement.

  • Windows based system
  • Temperature control and data acquisition with 10 segments
  • Designed specifically for thermal analysis modules
  • Experiments run in the background to allow foreground data analysis
  • Supports DSC, Dual DSC, TGA, TMA, and STA analysis
  • Replaces 990, R99, 1090, Mimm, 9900, 2100 programmers and systems

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