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TPI-PE (Temperature Programmer Interface for Perkin Elmer)

TPI-PENew thermal analysis systems that enter the market continue to use existing measuring technology. The advances in new systems have been in the computers, controllers and software that control and analyze the data. The TPI PE Programmer System upgrades existing Perkin Elmer thermal analysis instruments to run with a Windows based computer system. The Windows software automates data collection, and performs all analysis functions for DSC, TGA, and TMA. This system elevates current instruments to the technological standards of today.

The TPI PE Programmer System replaces your Perkin Elmer temperature programmer and data system with a Windows based computer system, Windows software and a Temperature Programmer Interface. All experimental conditions are setup through the software. This programmer system accurately controls the temperature profile of the experiment while collecting data and storing it on the computer’s hard disk. Data display can be in real-time and collection can be in a background mode. Up to 10 segment temperature profiles can be linked together to perform heat, cool, isothermal and automatic gas switching. operations.

  • Windows based system
  • Utilize your existing Perkin Elmer thermal analysis modules
  • Experiments run in the background to allow for foreground data analysis
  • Complete temperature program control and data acquisition
  • Supports DSC, TGA and TMA analysis
  • Compatible with 2, 4 and 7 series modules

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