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New Thermal Analyzers that enter the market continue to use existing measurement technology. The advantages of new systems are in the computers and software that control, collect, store and analyze the data. Existing thermal analysis modules are highly sensitive measuring devices but the systems they were purchased with lack state of the art computers, software and controllers. Instrument Specialists provide upgrades for thermal analyzers. With a Instrument Specialists Thermal Analysis Upgrade System you can update your thermal gear for a fraction of the cost of full replacement. This cost effective solution continues to provide quality results for many existing thermal analysis users.

TPI-TA (Temperature Programmer Interface for TA Instruments) – The TPI-TA Controller System replaces outdated TA Instruments/DuPont controller systems with a Temperature Programmer Interface (TPI), and Windows Thermal Analysis software. The system supports Cell bases, 910, 912, 951, 943 modules.

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TPI-PE (Temperature Programmer Interface for Perkin Elmer) – The TPI PE Programmer System replaces your Perkin Elmer temperature programmer and data system with Windows software and a Temperature Programmer Interface (TPI PE). Supports all 2, 4 and 7 series instruments.

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TPI-SR (Temperature Programmer Interface for Rheometrics Ominitherm Stanton Redcroft) – The TPI-SR Controller System replaces outdated temperature controller, BCU and DC Amp with a Temperature Programmer Interface (TPI-SR). All the replacement electronics are contained in the specially designed interface. The system supports TGA, STA, and TMA modules.

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DCI (Data Collection Interface) – The DCI System allows for acquisition and coordination of thermal experiments from many popular thermal analyzers. The system replaces the existing computer and interface with a Data Collection Interface (DCI) and the Windows software.

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TPI Perkin Elmer DTA 1700 Upgrade – You can now convert your Perkin Elmer DTA 1700 into a modern thermal analysis instrument running with Windows software. By returning your Perkin Elmer DTA 1700 module to Instrument Specialists, the cell is removed and mounted on a new electronics base and operates just like our high temperature DTA module. This upgrade offers great cost savings on your thermal analysis equipment with added ease of operation and advanced hi-tech features.