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Differential Scanning Calorimeter External CellDSC-E – Differential Scanning Calorimeter External Cell is a powerful technique that measures the energy absorbed or released as a function of time or temperature. The heart of the DSC is the heat flux plate which is designed to give superior performance and reliability. The heat flux plate is capable of measuring small energy changes. Melt enthalpy, glass transition, heat of crystallization, specific heat, purity determination are examples of the measurements made using DSC.

The DSC-E has been developed in conjunction with the powerful Infinity Pro software to provide superior performance and ease of use. This instrument supports a verity of cell options allowing for fast configuration for varied applications. DSC, Pressure DSC, Low and High temperature DTA cells are all supported. Thermosets, thermoplastics, composites, pharmaceuticals, binders and building materials are examples of some of the materials tested with DSC.

DSC-E Literature: Differential Scanning Calorimeter External Cell