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DSC  Differential Scanning Calorimeter  – The DSC Thermal Analyzer measures the energy absorbed or released from a sample as a function of time or a temperature. DSC is useful to make the measurements for melting points, heats of reaction, glass transition, heat capacity and purity determination.

TGA Thermogravimetric Analyzer – The TGA Thermal Analyzer measures the change of weight of a sample as a function of a temperature profile. This method is useful for determining sample decomposition, oxidation or loss of solvent or water.

STA  Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer -The STA Thermal Analyzer simultaneously measures DSC and TGA on a single instrument. The DSC sensor is suspended from the recording micro balance and the two measurements are performed simultaneously on the sample.

 TMA 800 Thermomechanical Analyzer -The TMA 800 is based on the proven vertical performance design utilizing an Oil Float Suspension System. Focusing on the stability needed for solid performance for coefficient of thermal expansion and other thermomechanical measurments. The TMA 800 is capable of giving excellent data on a diverse range of materials. Operating over a wide temperature and under a range of modes to provide superior performance.

PDSC  Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimeter  – The Pressure DSC Thermal Analyzer allows for experiments to run under pressure up to 1000 PSI using various gases. This allows for samples to be tested under the conditions they will be exposed to during processing and or use.

DSC-E  Differential Scanning Calorimeter External  – The DSC-E Thermal Analyzer is a flexible instrument allowing for DSC and DTA cells to be interchanged on one easy to operate unit. Cells simply plug in and the software automatically configures the system for each cell type.

DTA  Differential Thermal Analyzer – The DTA Thermal Analyzer measures the temperature difference between a sample and an inert reference as a function of time or temperature. This method is similar to DSC but does not quantify energy measurements; often used for high temperature work. Glass transition, phase changes, and melting points can all be measured.