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The iSeries Thermal Analyzers and all Upgrade Systems are controlled by the Infinity Pro Thermal Analysis software. This unique Windows based software offers a very simple interface with all of the features you need to analyze your thermal data. Infinity Pro software is available for Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows7.


Thermal Analysis Software Features …

  • Real-time color display of data collection ASCII export
  • Auto and manual scaling Data Smoothing
  • Time vs. Temperature profiles Baseline File subtraction
  • First and second derivatives Y-axis Shift operation
  • Analysis save features Subfile operations
  • Peak temperature determination Custom display configuration
  • Background data collection User selectable unit
  • Built in Help manual Label data points
  • Individual Segment display Replot versus time or temperature
  • Copy to clipboard Multiple point calibrations
  • Multiple curve overlay


Typical Analysis features include:


  • DSC/DTA Differential Scanning Calorimetry/ Differential Thermal Analysis
    • Peak integration
    • Fused peak analysis
    • Onset and peak temperature determination
    • 2 or 6 point Glass transition analysis
    • DSC crystallinity
    • Baseline slope correction
  • TGA Thermogravimetric Analysis
    • 2 or 6 point Weight loss analysis
    • Step weight loss analysis
    • Residue calculation
  • TMA Thermal Mechanical Analysis
    • Onset/Tg calculation
    • Expansion coefficient
    • Penetration and Elongation analysis
  • STA Simultaneous Thermal Analysis
    • Includes all DSC and TGA Analysis features


Thermal Analysis Software Screenshots