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The  Thermal Analyzers and all Upgrade Systems are controlled by the Infinity Pro Thermal Analysis software. This unique Windows based software offers a very simple interface with all of the features you need to analyze your thermal data. Infinity Pro software is available for Windows 7 and 10.



  • Real-time color display of data collection ASCII export
  • Auto and manual scaling Data Smoothing
  • Time vs. Temperature profiles Baseline File subtraction
  • First and second derivatives Y-axis Shift operation
  • Analysis save features Subfile operations
  • Peak temperature determination Custom display configuration
  • Background data collection User selectable unit
  • Built in Help manual Label data points
  • Individual Segment display Replot versus time or temperature
  • Copy to clipboard Multiple point calibrations
  • Multiple curve overlay


Typical Analysis features include:


  • DSC/DTA Differential Scanning Calorimetry/ Differential Thermal Analysis
    • Peak integration
    • Fused peak analysis
    • Onset and peak temperature determination
    • 2 or 6 point Glass transition analysis
    • DSC crystallinity
    • Baseline slope correction
  • TGA Thermogravimetric Analysis
    • 2 or 6 point Weight loss analysis
    • Step weight loss analysis
    • Residue calculation
  • TMA Thermal Mechanical Analysis
    • Onset/Tg calculation
    • Expansion coefficient
    • Penetration and Elongation analysis
  • STA Simultaneous Thermal Analysis
    • Includes all DSC and TGA Analysis features

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