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Instrument Specialists provide a variety of thermal analysis accessories for your current thermal analyzers. If you have any questions please contact Instrument Specialists for further assistance.

Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) Cell

The ISI DSC cell is a cost effective replacement DSC cell that can be used on a variety of TA Instruments and DuPont DSC units. We offer various heat flux plate configurations for a wide range of applications.

Gas Selector Accessory

The Gas Selector Accessory (GSA) provides manual or automatic gas selection of purge gases to various thermal analysis instruments. Up to four input gases can be connected to the unit for routing to your analyzer.

Sample PressesDSC Press

We carry DSC Samples Presses for standard and hermetically sealed pans.

Water Cooling Accessory

This accessory is a self contained water cooling system and can be used with the TGA or STA.  Normally the  TGA or STA use tap water to cool the furnace but utilizing this accessory make for a convenient alternative for cooling