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Thermal Analysis

Instrument Specialists Inc., values their customers and strives to produce not only the best thermal analysis equipment and supplies, but also by providing the best customer service possible. Whether this is accomplished through trouble shooting instrumental issues or answering general thermal analysis questions ISI is proud to be Your Partner in Thermal Analysis.


How do you know if Instrument Specialists is right for you? Thermal analysis can be applied to a large variety of application areas which gives our customer base diversity amongst industries. Some industries include: pharmaceuticals, inorganic and organic chemistry, polymer, food, and quality control- to name a few. Thermal Analysis Applications


Therefore, whether you are new to the thermal analysis community or are an experienced analyst ISI is where you can satisfy all your thermal analysis needs in one place. Offerings include thermal analyzers (DSC, TGA, STA, and TMA) or look at our price list that includes over 200 thermal analysis consumables.


Not only do we provide a full line of our own thermal analyzers, ISI supports older thermal analyzers that the original manufacturer no longer supports. Therefore, if you have an older analyzer that you are looking to keep running, ISI offers upgrade systems for this purpose. These upgrades take the place of the older PCI cards which are no longer supported.

Thermal Analyzer Upgrade System

Thermal Analysis Upgrade SystemThermal Analysis Upgrade SystemThermal Analysis Upgrade System




While our competitors charge for a larger brand name, Instrument Specialists is focused on providing our customers with 100% compatible parts at the lowest price. Our thermal analysis analyzers and consumables maintain high quality while being cost efficient. With new discounts and specials each month customers have multiple opportunities for additional savings. To receive these promotional offers, make sure that you are on our mailing list. (send mailing list requests to


The staff at ISI is dedicated to servicing your thermal analysis needs whether through quote requests for instruments and parts, to answering your general thermal analysis questions. We aim to answer all inquires within 24 hours to maintain superior customer service.



Instrument Specialists Inc. is proud to be Your Partner in Thermal Analysis by providing all your thermal analysis needs in one place.

Instrument Specialists Thermal Analysis