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Instrument Specialists Inc. Thermal Analysis

Instrument Specialists Inc., is your trusted thermal analysis company for over 20 years. Instrument Specialists began servicing the thermal analysis community in 1991, first located in Illinois and was run by our President Donald Miller. The demand for Instrument Specialists products, and superior customer service continued to grow and presented the need to relocate to Twin Lakes, WI. Our offerings began to expand to items such as upgrade systems and software.



Thermal Analysis Thermal Analyzers

Instrument Specialists thermal analyzers (STA, TMA, TGA, and DSC)

Today ISI provides a full line of thermal analyzers, a parts and supplies list of over 200 items, upgrade systems, as well as repairs and customer support. While there are other companies that provide thermal analyzers and accessories, Instrument Specialists is a step above the rest with our superior customer service and experience. With a full line of thermal analyzers including: Differential Scanning Calorimeters, Thermogravimetric Analyzer, Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer and Thermomechanical Analyzer. All of our thermal analyzers are easy to use in conjunction with our powerful Infinity Pro Software. These analyzers can be used to determine coefficients of expansion (TMA), measuring the energy absorbed or released as a function of time or temperature (DSC), measuring the weight changes as a function of temperature or time (TGA) and evolved gas analysis (STA).



Upgrades for old thermal analyzers

Upgrade systems with older thermal analyzers

Not only do we provide a full line of our own thermal analyzers, ISI supports older thermal analyzers that the original manufacturer no longer supports. We understand that our customers might not always be looking for a new instrument which is why we offer older instruments for a discounted price. This is a perfect solution for those first starting out in thermal analysis, or those who are trying to stay within budgetary restrictions.




Thermal Analysis Consumables. Parts and supplies

Some of our parts and supplies

ISI offers thermal analysis consumables from TA and Perkin Elmer compatible pans and lids to thermocouples and replacement cells. However, if there is a part you are looking for and cannot find give us a call and we would be happy to assist. While this item may not be listed on our price list we would be happy to help you find it.


The staff at ISI is dedicated to servicing your thermal analysis needs whether through quote requests for instruments and parts, to answering your general thermal analysis questions. If you are having trouble with a thermal analyzer and do not quite know the problem is? Give ISI a call and we would be happy to troubleshoot the issue and provide aid.


Instrument Specialists Inc. is proud to be Your Partner in Thermal Analysis by providing all your thermal analysis needs in one place.

Instrument Specialists Thermal Analysis